Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For Some Children, Guns are not toys!


Costa Rican Section

Toys of Violence!

Take a look at the Kapowwe Toy Company's web page at

This Texas company's line of realistic looking and feeling toy weapons are just the thing for the season of peace and joy, or any other time, to give the kids a true sense of violence, aggression and terror.

As if kids don't get enough violence from television, cartoons, video games and movies they can now upgrade their play by pretending to massacre their playmates, classmates, teachers and even parents and siblings. Imagine playing terrorist, narco king or assassin with one of these truely realistic looking toy weapons. It's no longer a simple game of pointing a finger and yelling “kapow”. These toys give it the genuine touch.

So real looking and feeling are these firearms that real crooks, criminals and terrorists can use them in their jobs. So hard to distinguish from the real thing that they will confuse even the most discerning police, FBI agent or Homeland Security rep who then may mistakenly use a real gun in self defense. (Oooops, sorry, Sonny)

With such realistic looking toy guns the kids can get right in the mood for mowing down enemies real or imagined that they'll never consider peaceful solutions. Let them learn that power comes from having a gun, even if it's a toy one. Just think of what they can all do with one of these toys. Take candy from babies and money from kids or rob a store or house. Wowwe, kapowwe!

For those of us trying to teach peace, human rights, love your neighbor and thou shall't not kill, the Kapowwe company and others that make and market make believe murder have made our world a more difficult and dangerous place.

In Peace,

Olive Branch

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom – Costa Rican Section

Liga Internacional de Mujeres Pro Paz y Libertad – Sección Costa Rica