Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WILPF Upcoming Events for year 2011

The Cariari group meets every 1st Friday of the month at 10:00 AM

The Heredia group meets every 1st Thursday of the month.

March 8 This day was the 100th celebration of International Women’s Day. Costa Rica celebrated with a full day event sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of C. R. at SENAC.

April 1 WILPF is sponsoring Randall Arauz the 2010 winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize for Central and South America. He will be telling his story about the work he has done in Costa Rica to stop shark finning. See http://www.sharkwater.com/ and learn the truth.

July 31- A big event for Costa Rica. The WILPF World Congress

August 6 will be held in Tibas, Costa Rica. Two hundred WILPF members from around the world are expected. The primary topic will be World Food Security.

What is Food Security?

Food security happens when all people at all times have access to enough food that...

• is affordable, safe and healthy

• is culturally acceptable

• meets specific dietary needs

• is obtained in a dignified manner

• is produced in ways that are environmentally sound and socially just

September 10

The 2nd Annual WILPF Film Festival covering significant world issues affecting planet Earth and it’s inhabitants. To be held at Tin Ho’s Cultural Center in San Jóse.

September TBD

WILPF will have a fund raising booth at the Newcomers Show and Sell event. Details TBD.

October TBD

WILPF will have a fund raising garage sale in Los Arcos. Details TBD.

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